Monday, November 28, 2016

The Twelve Visions Party and Elimination of Threatening Force

As head of the Neothink Society, author and philosopher Mark Hamilton oversees a think tank with published works encompassing health, religion, economics, and self-improvement. Over the decades, Mark Hamilton's activities through the Neothink Society have extended to politics and ultimately led to his founding of the Twelve Visions Party

The transformative party operates on core principles of doing away with traditional leadership. This concept was initially set out in the early 1990s manifesto A Future of Wealth Belongs to You, which outlined the idea of initiatory, or threatening, force. Through the use of power toward private ends, certain leaders have been able to amass wealth and power to which they are not entitled. At the same time, they have made citizens act in ways that were counter to their shared interests. 

With the Twelve Visions Party, Mr. Hamilton envisions the formation of a political system that is robust enough to refute the imperatives of initiatory force, or “rule of man.” In particular, people will no longer be subject to government overreach, with its fundamental emphasis on obeying orders. In 2012, the Twelve Visions Party achieved national prominence when it ran Jill Reed as a write-in candidate in the presidential election.