Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Neothink Founder Discusses the Cure to Major Diseases and Aging

Economist, political activist, publisher, and author Mark Hamilton is the Neothink Society’s founder. He is widely acknowledged for his work, the Neothink Manuscripts. Translated in 12 languages and distributed in over 200 countries, Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Manuscripts discuss a variety of topics, including health. In his 2800-page Magnum Opus, The Prime Cure, he asserts that major diseases, as well as aging, can be cured.

Mark Hamilton believes that because of people’s mundane job structures and lifestyles, life itself becomes undesirable. With no desire to extend life, people become more susceptible to diseases and old age. In The Prime Cure, he proposes a solution which includes psychological and political modifications. These involve specific steps to complex structural changes that can motivate people to lead creation-driven lives.

Hamilton also emphasizes that shifts in the political structure, which he calls the Prime-Law-based political movement, will motivate scientists and businesses to create life-extension cures. Obstacles that delay research and development are eradicated in this movement, thus encouraging an aggressive pursuit to find the cure for diseases and aging.