Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Neothink Society Selective Membership

The son of scientist and philosopher Dr. Frank R. Wallace, Mark Hamilton is the founder of the Neothink Society.

The Neothink Society is an organization of individually selected members who have access to the broad writings and self-improvement manuscripts of Mark Hamilton. The society employs an extremely rigid member selection process that includes analysis, computer algorithms, profiling, and staff discussions. The selection process has been in place for several decades.

A potential Neothink Society member that is selected is notified via a First Class letter in the mail. Although portions of Neothink writings are available to the general public, a candidate must respond to the letter to receive orientation material and full access to society works. The primary reason for the private and protected nature of society membership is the establishment-challenging nature of Mr. Hamilton’s manuscripts. The society includes 2 million members who steadfastly follow the writings of its creator.